Child Custody Matters in Texas
El Paso / Dallas / Houston

It'sAll About
The Children

Divorce is never an easy process, but it is particularly challenging when the case involves children. Many individuals who are getting divorced worry about their children and what will happen to them. The following information will help you if you are getting divorced in Texas.

Who Gets Custody

Spending time with children is important for their development and emotional stability. Child custody is awarded differently in every case, but it doesn’t necessary go entirely to one parent. Many times, the courts award joint custody, in which both parents get assigned equal time with their children.

Physical & Legal Custody

There are different types of child custody you will become familiar with during the legal battle. In general, physical custody refers to time spent with one or both parents. Legal custody involves power to make educational, medical, religious, and other decisions in regards to the children’s overall welfare.

Getting Legal Help

Custody battles can be difficult, and many couples will have difficulty communicating with each other. To make this process easier for both you and your children, it is often better to hire legal help. With the right El Paso child custody lawyer, you can get the time you deserve with your children.

If you are divorced and don’t feel you have a fair court judgment regarding child custody, contact a lawyer today for more details about child custody issues and to learn about the options you may have. Your children are precious and they deserve to spend time with both parents.